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How To Renew Norton With Product Key?

Norton stands among the recognized names among the antivirus applications and it can offer complete security to your devices. Malicious attacks are on surge day by day and definitely, you’ll need a secure antivirus application. It is well-versed in offering the security to your devices and keep your devices away from all sorts of viruses/Malware. 

However, activation of Norton antivirus, keep your device packed with advanced features like Malware removal, firewall, VPN and so forth. It helps in keeping your devices safe and secure. Keep your devices up-to-date as this application offers complete security to your device.

First, You Must Know What Norton Product Key Is.

A long code of 25 alphanumeric letters is required at the time of installation of antivirus on your PC. When you purchase your antivirus application from a retail store, you can find the product key on the rear side of its box. However, when you try to buy Norton application online then you’ll its product key in your mailbox on the registered email ID. 

This key will help you in completing the process of the Norton setup. You can renew Norton with product key and you can enjoy its features successfully. The activation is important if you wish to use the features in a full-fledged manner.

When you purchase this software from a retail store or from any other website, it is required to have a Norton account and you can add this product to your existing account.

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Steps to follow to renew Norton with product key

  • First, turn ON your PC and connect it with a secured network
  • Once you do so, go to the web browser on your PC, and double-click on it in order to open it. 
  • In case, you don’t have an account with Norton, then press on “Create account” and complete its sign up process. If you are already logged in to your account then it’s great.
  • Now go to the Norton setup window, then press on Enter a new product key. Here, you have to enter its product key and then click. In case, you have taken a boxed product CD online or from a retail store then enter your product key that you can find inside the box. It will be on a sticker or on the backside of a CD sleeve or DVD case or it might be possible it is printed on a card inside the box. The product key is a combination of alphabetic as well as numeric letters. However, you won’t find any special characters. Keep in mind, your subscription will start when you enter 25 character key available inside the box or in the order confirmation email in your mailbox.
  • Now you have to press on Agree and then Download.
  • Next, keep on following the on-screen prompts by pressing on RUN or you save this file to your Downloads. It might differ based on your browser. Once you save this file, double-click on the saved file. Now the downloader will execute the product and will start the downloading, installation as well as activation automatically. After that, your PC will show you the current protection status and also you are able to renew Norton with product key in your Norton account.

In case, need assistance in this regard then make a call to Norton support experts.

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